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As every globetrotter, I have a BUCKETLIST – this is it and it grows constantly – especially when I’m on the road and get even more tips of other travelers.

MY BUCKETLIST – to be continued

  • To go on safari in SOUTH-AFRICA and climb on the table mountain in CAPE TOWN 
  • To observe elephants in the wild
  • Explore the North of BRAZIL
  • Drink the cheapest beer in PRAGUE
  • Enjoy the sunset at SANTA LUCIA in the CARIBBEAN
  • Eat delicious fruits at MAURITIUS
  • Walk along the white beaches at the SEYCHELLES
  • Climb the harbor bridge in SYDNEY in AUSTRALIA (Here you can find my full city-guide for Sydney)
  • Stroll through the spice markets in MARRAKESH in MAROCCO
  • Dance at the Coachella Festival in LOS ANGELES, USA
  • Backpacking in SOUTH-AMERICA: travel to Machu Picchu, make jokes at the salt desert, finish the trip in NICARAGUA, PANAMA etc.
  • Dance on the streets of HAVANNAS in CUBA
  • Spent a weekend in AMSTERDAM in the NETHERLANDS
  • Visit HONGKONG and explore ASIA afterwards. Nepal, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka – the list is long! (Find my full country-guide for two weeks in beautiful Vietnam here)
  • Travel to the ULURU in AUSTRALIA (I decided not to go there at the moment)
  • Roadtrip through CANADA
  • One week IRELAND or SCOTLAND (Did a road trip with my mom for one week to Ireland in 2014 – find the full route around the South of Ireland here).
  • Surftrip in PORTUGAL
  • Walk along the GREAT WALL in CHINA
  • Snorkel at the PHILIPPINES
  • Do a vacation in CROATIA and MONTENEGRO
  • Interrail-trip through ITALY – eat yammy pizza, drink delicious wine and visit VERNAZZA, CINQUE TERRE (Find my Full City-Guide for Milan here)
  • Enjoy the beautiful MALDIVES
  • Visit the blue mosque in ISTANBUL in TURKEY and see the sunset in CAPPADOCIA
  • Explore PORTUGAL – along a surftrip, wine in PORTO, the beautiful beaches at the ALGARVE and to Finish in beautiful LISBON (check out the blogposts of the most beautiful beaches and bays at the Algarve here)
  • Travel to the FALKLAND ISLANDS and discover the wonders of nature
  • Do an excursion to ANTARCTIC
  • Do an Ayuverda-Retreat in ASIA for about two weeks – with lots of relaxing, much time offline and the possibility to get some peace and quiet
  • Go on a ride with the trans-sibirian railway through RUSSIA with my mom
  • Climb the mountains in SWITZERLAND and stand in front of turquoise mountain lakes
  • Drink a glass of wine while the sun sets at SANTORIN in GREECE
  • Going to LA to meet up with my travelmates from Thailand.
  • Let the sound hang at RAROTONGA, FIJI and SAMOA
  • Try some white wine in TUSCANY and watch how the hills get soaked in golden rays.
  • Explore more of GERMANY: to the castle Neuschwanstein, to castle Eltz, to Leipzig and Saxony, Lüneburger Heide, Thüringen.
  • Bike around AMSTERDAM
  • Do a roadtrip along the Eas Cape of NEW ZEALAND (Planned for February 2018).
  • Travel around MYANMAR, LAOS and NEPAL
  • To see my friend Mariane from Brasil again
  • Admire the aurora in NEW ZEALAND
  • Live by the sea for two months
  • Publish a book about traveling
  • Travel to SLOVENIA and get to know the country and its nature
  • Watch the sunset in SANTORINI in GREECE and try the best souvlaki
  • Travel to the BRETAGNE in FRANCE


  • Yoga Trip to THAILAND or BALI ✓ (Did lots of Yoga in Bali and spent a week at a Yoga-retreat at the island Koh Yao Noi in Thailand)
  • Hike the Tongariro Crossing and explore the North Island of NEW ZEALAND ✓ (Travelled around the North Island at the beginning of this year and hiked the Tongariro Crossing this February with two Swiss guys – here you can read about my fave hikes in New Zealand) 
  • Do a WORLDTRIP(Did a little world trip around Oceania and Asia in 2017 – find a few of my highlights here)
  • Walk through Hobbiton in NEW ZEALAND ✓ (Find my blogpost about my magical experience on this page)
  • Do VOLUNTARY WORK for the environment ✓ (Helped out at the Dolphin discovery research center at Bunbury in Western Australia for a month)
  • Skydiving in NEW ZEALAND ✓ (Did it this year in Taupo in New Zealand and it was amazing)
  • Be astonished by the natural wonders of ICELAND ✓ (Read about my highlights from Iceland here)
  • Go to lane 9 3/4 in LONDON, UK and travel to Hogwarts ✓
  • Do an exchange year in NEW ZEALAND ✓
  • Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef in AUSTRALIA 
  • Dance Forro in BRAZIL and experience carnival (or walk in the parade) ✓
  • Sail in the WHITSUNDAY ISLANDS ✓ (Here you can find my must do’s at the East Coast in Australia)
  • Stroll through COPENHAGEN in DENMARK ✓
  • Watch the magical NORTHERN LIGHTS ✓
  • Travel to NEW YORK and enjoy the vibe of the city ✓ (Here you can find 18 tips of how you can experience New York for free)
  • Enjoy the CÔTE D’AZUR in FRANCE ✓
  • Roadtrip through NORWAY  
  • Live in SWEDEN for longer ✓ 
  • Swim with DOLPHINS in the open sea in NEW ZEALAND 
  • Watch the orthodox churches in RUSSIA ✓
  • Stroll through the alleys in LISBON in PORTUGAL ✓
  • Eat tapas in MEXICO ✓
  • Try the biggest Kanelbullar (cinammon bun) in STOCKHOLM in SWEDEN ✓ (Find my city-guide for Stockholm in Sweden here)
  • Fulfill my biggest dream and see the MILFORD SOUND in NEW ZEALAND ✓

 Which dreams and goals are at your bucketlist?

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