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 HI – nice to meet you!

I am Yvonne, 28 and just finished University by the end of last year. I’m on the road and explore the world as often as I can. The blog exits since 2010 but dealt mostly with lifestyle in the beginning until I decided to follow my passion and make Lovelyforliving a travel magazine. The page should inspire you, be a nice break of your daily routine, should give you lots of tips for your upcoming travels and destinations and show you that there’s always a way to travel the world – even when you think it might not work financially! And then you can create your own dream-trip: to either stay in a special hostel or a fancy resort with all of its advantages!

For years Ive been trying to live  more consciously and to look after the environment and live more sustainable. Last year I came to a point, where I decided to use sustainable clothes and products as much as I can. (Of course, no one is perfect though.) I have never been someone who consumed too much, since I have saved up for travels most of the times, but I still couldnt live it up to my conscience anymore. There are so many amazing sustainable products on the market and you can find my green living guide and the list with sustainable brands I found on my travels here.

Since January 2017, I’m on a worldtrip and I’m happy that you join me on the journey. This trip has been the best thing happening to me and I’m curious to see everything that will happen in the next upcoming months. At this page, you can come along on the trip! Otherwise you can just follow me on my social media accounts which I update regularly. (@lovelyforliving)

Write me a message or just say hello: lovelyforliving@yahoo.de