Surfcamp Algarve in Portugal: WAVY in Sagres

wavy surfcamp portugal sagres

Keen to learn how to surf at the Algarve in Portugal? Then I can recommend the WAVY surf camp in Sagres, in the south of Portugal. Hip vibes with big glamping tents, an outdoor area to hang out, skateboards to practice on, delicious food and a great and open team. I spent a week there last year in October and had a great time that I remember very fondly. I had always wanted to learn how to surf, but my respect for the ocean and the power of the waves hold me back.

In retrospect, I am so proud of myself for having the courage to just do it and try it out. And I give you the same advice: Have the courage to learn something new! The main goal is not to become a new superstar on the waves, but to have fun, be in the moment and maybe even discover a new passion.

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Surfcamp Algarve

Facts: Surfcamp in Sagres

  • The surf camp is perfect for beginners who are standing on the board for the first time and for advanced surfers who want to improve their skills on the board.
  • You can come with friends or travel alone. No worries, you’ll meet lots of new people from all over the world anyway. And you’ll be in good hands with the Wavy family!
  • You can arrive between June and October and stay as long as you like. The surf week starts on Sunday and lasts until Sunday. However, if you arrive or leave earlier, that’s no problem either. Just talk to the staff.
  • You can choose between Basic, Plus and Luxury accommodation. I stayed in a Plus tent with two girls from Switzerland. A sleeping bag was provided and there was electricity in the tent.
  • Price: I paid 479 euros for the Plus accommodation in the low season. The price includes three meals a day, accommodation, five surf days including transport to the surf spot and liability and sports accident insurance. You can find an overview of the prices on this page.
wavy surfcamp sagres

Surfcamp Algarve: Arrival to Sagres in Portugal

To get to the surf camp in Sagres, you can either fly to Lisbon or Faro. I flew with Lufthansa and booked at short notice. That’s why the flight was relatively expensive and I paid just under 320 Euros.

From Lisbon to Sagres

To find your way around, I recommend you downloading offline maps before your trip. I use the app for this. If you are flying to Lisbon, I would recommend staying there for a few days before continuing to the surf camp. The city at the river Tejo has so much to offer and is one of my absolute favourite cities in Europe.

From Lisbon you can either rent a car, take the train or the bus to Sagres. A rental car is also very useful in Sagres, because then you don’t have to rely on the bus or taxi. When I travel to Portugal, I prefer to rent a car from Sunny Cars. I have already rented cars from them several times in different countries and have always been very happy with their service. It takes about three and a half hours by car to get from Lisbon to Sagres.

If you don’t want to drive yourself, but take the train or bus from Lisbon to Sagres, this is also very easy. The bus journey takes about four hours and you can go directly from the bus station “Lisboa Sete Rios” to Sagres or from the station “Estaçao do Oriente” with the EvaBus to Lagos or Sagres.

By train, you can travel a little faster from Lisbon to Lagos or Aljezur. From there, a bus will take you to Sagres. To keep track and find the best route, I use Rome2Rio or Trainline.

From Faro to Sagres

When you arrive in Faro, you can take the train to Lagos. From Lagos, a bus will take you to Sagres to get to the surf camp. The train takes about two hours and costs between 6 and 9 euros. The bus takes about half an hour to Sagres and costs between 8 and 10 euros.

If you want to be a little more comfortable, you can catch a taxi from the airport to the surf camp and split the costs with someone or book an airport transfer with South West Transfer, for example. Don’t be surprised: the transfer is about 100 euros for one person alone. For more tips on how to get to the camp, you can always ask the staff.

Surfcamp Algarve: A typical day at Wavy Surfcamp

Start of the day: breakfast & departure

Depending on the weather conditions, the day starts earlier or later in the morning. I recommend getting up a little earlier so that you don’t end up at the back of the queue for food. Because then you won’t have much time to eat and you’ll have to hurry to wash up and get ready. Personally, I would have preferred to have 1.5 hours of time for breakfast. That way, everyone can have breakfast in the morning, get ready, gather his/her things and be perfectly prepared for the day at the beach. Like this, it sometimes got a bit hectic – not that easy for morning grouches.

wavy surfcamp portugal

Yoga at the Wavy Surfcamp

Three days a week you can join the yoga classes in the morning before breakfast on the wooden area next to the food tent. You don’t need to bring anything except yourself and sportswear. Yoga mats and co are on site. If you have not booked the yoga classes in advance, you can book them at the reception.

Surf lessons at the surf camp

During your week at the surf camp, you will go surfing five times a week. The surf lessons always last about 2:15 hours, depending on the weather conditions. For beginners, the waves were quite strong, when I was there, so I sometimes left the water early because I was either exhausted or frustrated. The surf-instructors take you to some pretty cool surf spots and there are often few other surf schools in the water with you.

At the start, you will be divided into groups according to your ability. Before each lesson there is a warm-up routine and you are all given a Leica, a shirt that makes you recognisable in the water and distinguishable from other surfers. This gives you the best opportunity to practice and learn. If you have any questions or feel uncomfortable because the waves or current are too strong, you can always ask your surf instructor.

Afternoon: Free time and events

After the day at the beach, usually between 2 and 3 pm, it’s time to go back to the camp. There you can spend the afternoon with the others, explore the surroundings or try out the skate ramp on site. Dinner is served at around 6:30/7 pm.

The surf camp team organises many different activities throughout the week: one evening is surf theory, you go on an excursion to see the sunset by the sea or a themed party. Alejandro, one of the owners of Wavy, is a DJ – so you can expect some good tunes to dance to. If you still feel like going out in the evening, you can go to one of the bars in Sagres. It’s hard to get lost here, as there is only one street with bars. It takes about half an hour to walk from the camp to town, but most of the time the group goes off and back together anyway.

surfcamp portugal

The Crew of the surfcamp

At Wavy Surfcamp, the crew is a special part of the concept. They come from all over Europe and are on site the whole season from June to October. This creates close friendships and they know the area like the back of their hand. The crew was very open and fully integrated everyone, so that the name “Wavy Family” takes on a whole new meaning! So even if you’re travelling alone, don’t worry: you’ll make new friends in no time.

Miguel und Bruno
Photo Credit: Dario Fink

Eating out in Sagres

Laundry Lounge Sagres

The Laundry Lounge in Sagres is super tasty for breakfast or an afternoon snack. There are many vegan dishes to choose from and the coffee is also very good. My tip: the vegan Poké Bowl!

laundry lounge sagres portugal

Three little birds

The restaurant Three little birds was recommended to us several times by the staff and locals and so we went there one evening with 15 people to celebrate a birthday. We were not disappointed, the food was really delicious. There is a good selection and there are vegetarian as well as vegan dishes to choose from. My tip: the beetroot burger and the truffle fries!

three little birds restaurant sagres portugal

To Dos at the Algarve

Ponta da Piedade

Less than a five-minute drive from Lagos is Ponta da Piedade – a beautiful viewpoint. If you come at sunrise, you’ll have the place almost to yourself. During the day, you can paddle with kayaks along the coast and get to know the Algarve from the sea.

ponta da piedade lagos portugal
ponta da piedade sunrise portugal
ponta da piedade lagos portugal


Lagos is about half an hour away from Sagres. I think it’s one of the nicer towns at the Algarve: with white houses, street art on every corner and city beaches not far away. You can spend a few days in Lagos before or after the surf camp. Many of our group spent a few more days in Lagos. So we met again and again, which was very nice. Here you can party, kite surf or explore the surroundings.

Tip: Be sure to have breakfast or lunch at the small café Coffee & Waves.

lagos portugal
coffee and waves lagos portugal


At the beach in Arrifana in the Aljezur region on the west coast of the Algarve, you can either spend the day surfing or come for dinner and sunset. In the small town, you can get drinks at the kiosk or go to one of the local restaurants, like the surfer café SEA YOU with sandwiches and burritos.

Arrifana Aljezur Portugal Algarve


The Algarve literally invites you to go beach-hopping. There are simply so many beautiful beaches and stretches of coastline that invite you to linger. Again, it’s worth renting a car, because some parts of the coast are more difficult to reach by public transport. You can find my favourites and the most beautiful beaches at the Algarve in this article.

senhora da rocha Strand Portugal Algarve

Lesestoff für Portugal:

I hope you have a wonderful trip! 🏄🏻‍♀️🌊

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