Road trip in the north of Norway: stops and tips

I have fond memories of the road trip in the north of Norway. It is almost more beautiful than you imagine it to be. Breathtaking fjords. Beautiful landscapes. Endless widths and lakes. We drove in a group of 16 people and four cars from Umeå in Sweden through the north of Norway and had a lot of fun. With many loudly sung songs, a Backstreet Boys interlude at the roadside, the amazed eyes at the expensive Norwegian grocery prices in Trondheim, beautiful nature, great views, including climbing up a muddy hill to watch the sunset.

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Road trip in the North of Norway

General tips for a road trip in the region

  • In Norway, payments are made in Norwegian kroner, not in euros. To keep an eye on the exchange rate, I recommend the App Currency, which allows you to check the prices of every purchase. Almost everywhere you can pay with EC-card or credit card. Otherwise you have to withdraw cash.
  • It is best to download Offline Maps before your journey, because not everywhere is good network and so you can enter the worthwhile stops into the app.
  • In Norway driving too fast can be very expensive. If you drive only 10 km/h too fast, you are already at quite high costs. Therefore I recommend you to stick to the speed limits so that this won’t be an unexpectedly expensive holiday.

road trip norway

Itinerary for a road trip in Norway

Your route is best started in Trondheim. There you can rent a car and start your tour. We made the whole trip in just four days. More comfortable is this route for a week. If you have more time, I also recommend you take a few days extra for hiking and extend the route to the Lofoten.

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Our first stop on the route was Trondheim. There is a lot to see in this small city and it feels very homely. We stayed overnight in a nice hotel right at the harbour.

Here you find the “Scandic Hotel” directly in Bakklandet in Trondheim

Must Dos in Trondheim

  • Old Town Bridge: at the old bridge you have a wonderful view over the river Nidelva and the colourful warehouses.
  • Visit the impressive Nidarosdom church. Although we could not go inside at that time, the church is also very beautiful from the outside.

trondheim norway

oldtown bridge trondheim norway

  • Canoeing on the river Nidelva. If you have the time, book canoes or a boat trip to get to know the city from the water.

trondheim norway

  • Take a stroll along the harbour. This is especially beautiful just before sunset. Since the sun sets late in the summer anyway, you have plenty of time here.
  • Enjoy the view from the 124 meter high TV tower Tyholt-Tower. Upstairs there is also a small, cosy restaurant where you can eat out, including a panoramic view. However, it is worth making a reservation in advance.

trondheim norway

Trondheim > Kristiansund > Atlantic Road

From Trondheim, we first continued to Halsa, where we took the ferry Halsa-Kanestraum. The view was beautiful and the ferry trip a relaxed driving break. Then we continued via Kristiansund over the Atlantic Road and this is not a tourist attraction for nothing: I have never seen anything like this before. A road that was built “on” the sea and the part was really unique. The Atlantic Road was opened in 1989 and includes a 8274 metre long section between Vevang and Kårvåg. The Atlantic route has eight different bridges and thus connects several small islands.

atlantic road norway

Storseisund Bridge atlantic road norway

View of the longest bridge on the Atlantic Road: Storseisund Bridge

Elnesvågen > Molde, Storgata > Hellesylt

From Elnesvågen you take the RV64 to Molde. If you drive via Skaret, you can visit local cafés and craft shops. You can also drive through the Tustentunnel like us, but there is a toll. From Molde we took the ferry again to Vestnes and from there to Stranda-Liabygda.

We were quite late and were a bit worried about missing the last ferry. Our accommodation was in Hellesylt, so that would have been pretty stupid. But in the end everything worked out fine and we could move into our hostel in Hellesylt directly at the fjord. Since we arrived in the dark, we only realized the next morning how beautiful the view is. From the breakfast room we had a direct view to the fjord.

You can find the “Hellesylt Hostel and Motel” where we stayed here.


Hellesylt > Geiranger Fjord

From Hellesylt, we made our way to Geiranger to the Geiranger Fjord. We were lucky that we could still take the road over the mountain, because it had snowed so much that the road should be closed the days. Thus, here, we have to insure in advance that the road was open and passable. The fjord was really beautiful, the view indescribable and the moments – unforgettable.

Geiranger Fjord Norway

Geiranger Fjord norway

Trollstigen > Stigfossen

From Geiranger Fjord we went to a road almost as impressive as the Atlantic Road: Trollstigen. After a short walk you will come to Utsikten – the viewing platform from where you can overlook the whole road. Unfortunately, the road was so icy that I did not walk up to the platform, but the view was still very nice.

Be sure to plan enough time for the descent, as the road is narrow, curvy and steep. Often the road can only be driven in one direction and then you have to wait. Halfway down the road, the road passes the Stigfossen waterfall. Due to the weather, the pass road is only open in summer, so it is essential to check if the road is passable before you leave.

trollstigen norway

Just some more pictures from beautiful Norway:


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