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Here it comes: a long list of things you can do at home while you are in self-isolation or quarantine. The world has changed pretty fast. I was supposed to enjoy my vacation in Central America, but it all changed and I spend a lot of time at home in self-isolation, as probably many of you do.

For families with children, people who maintain our system through their work, or who are working even more than usual, this list is of course not really meant for you. But for those who don’t quite know what to do with their newfound time or who are looking for ideas and inspiration about what they can do, here are 65 ideas for time at home.

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65 ideas for time at home

Mental health / Well-being

1.) Start gratitude diary

First of all, we should be aware that everyone is doing very well who is currently able to spend time at home with a roof over their head and enough food at home. But it is proven that it is good and helpful to write down 3-5 things every day that you are grateful for. If you are not feeling so well, you can always look at this list in your gratitude diary.

2.) Meditate

Meditation as a relaxation technique and mindfulness exercise is already widely communicated. Only now have I really taken the time to meditate regularly. To help you I can recommend guided meditations on Youtube or Spotify.

3.) Allow emotions

Right now our whole world is in uncertainty, which could trigger negative feelings. Define these feelings, allow sadness, fear, worry or anger and process the events as you need them to happen. Only one thing is important: process these feelings for yourself or talk to friends/family, but don’t try to take these feelings out on other people in the supermarket or online. You cannot control what is happening, but you can influence your reaction to the situation. Feel what you need to feel and then let it go and focus on the positive in life. If you need help with this, don’t hesitate to ask for it.

4.) Journaling

In order to find a structure for dealing with the current situation, it can be helpful to put your thoughts on paper. If you need a little support, you will find many journaling challenges online. I personally started bullet journaling and can highly recommend it.

5.) Watch positive news

Apart from the Corona virus, so many positive things are happening in the world: solidarity, support, humanity. John Krasinski started on Youtube a Good News Channel, or on Instagram you find many positive messages at @goodnews_movement.

6.) Let go of a bad habit

What habit do you have that you’ve been trying to get rid of? Now is the perfect time for it, because you’re out of your usual routine and you can start a new one. Old patterns can be changed more easily than usual.

7.) Change your daily routine

Maybe start your day with a cup of tea in the morning, do some yoga, or take some time off from your smartphone. For example like before going to sleep. This way you can give your brain a little rest and counteract the stimulus satiation. This can also be helpful for a better and high quality sleep.

8.) Spend time offline

The flood of news and information online can also be very (mentally) stressful at the moment. If you find yourself spending more time online again, just turn on flight mode or simply switch off your smartphone for a while.

9.) Make decisions

What decision have you been putting off for a long time, but know deep inside that you finally need to make it? Months of uncertainty take the burden off your shoulders and you feel immediately better once you have made a decision for yourself. At least that’s how I felt when I finally decided to move to Hamburg.

Sylt Deutschland


10.) Watch movies or start a new series

Sometimes you might want to take your mind off a bit and watch a movie or start a new series marathon. You can find my list of film and series recommendations here.

11.) Watch documentaries

How about using the time to watch some documentaries? For example Earthling, Natgeo Documentaries or Game Changers.

12.) Watch Inspiring TedTalks

TedTalks can be inspiring, help you to develop new ideas and develop new thoughts!

13.) Read a book

When do you actually have the time to re-read your all time favourite book or read one of the many books on your reading list? I’m really looking forward to finally take the time to read again. That was one of my absolute favourite pastimes as a child and teenager: reading, broadening my horizon and dreaming myself into other worlds. You can find a list of my book recommendations here. Also my friend Jen started a book-club on Instagram and shares lots of great book recommendations. You can find her book-club here.

14.) Listen to audio books

Less desire to read, but to hear? When I’m cooking, cleaning or painting, I like listening to podcasts or audio books. Audible currently offers one month free of charge and Blinkist offers a new audio book every day, summarized in 15 minutes.

15.) Visiting a museum virtually

Many museums currently offer virtual tours in various museums. You can find the museums in this article or you can visit notcancelled.art on Instagram, where the Viennese museums have come together.

16.) Watch live concerts online

As people around the world are currently staying at home and many concerts have been cancelled for the rest of the year, various artists are giving live concerts on Instagram – good mood guaranteed. Every Saturday morning at 8am you can check out my favourite band from New Zealand Six60.

17.) Create a playlist

Still looking for the perfect playlist for any particular mood? Then create it today and be prepared for the next weeks. Otherwise there are great playlists on DariaDaria, Sarah Pour or the playlist Happy Hits on Spotify.

18.) Listen to Podcasts

Now is the right time to get into podcasts! I only listen to German podcasts at the moment, but there’s a huge list of great podcasts on Spotify.

Being creative

19.) Start taking pictures

I have to admit that in the last few months I wasn’t really in the mood to take pictures. But since the “forced” break I really want to be creative again and capture the little moments of life. Grab your camera or smartphone and capture these moments. If you need help, you can read the whole manual or get inspired on different platforms.

20.) Painting / Drawing

If you like to be creative, you can take some time here to start drawing or painting. Whatever makes me feel very comfortable whether it is coloring mandalas or coloring books. You will find a great selection on Etsy.

21.) Make music

You play an instrument, love to sing or have always wanted to learn an instrument? I’m annoyed that I have my flute and music sheets in some moving box, but maybe I’ll get them out again in the next few days, because music can make you really happy and lift your spirits.

22.) Create photo books

Which photo books did you still want to create from vacation x, trip y or moments z? Now is the right time for it. I created my last two photo books at Pixum and I am really excited about it. The photo books have a great quality and are such a nice memory.

Movement and exercise

23.) Running, walking or cycling

Moments in nature are a blessing for body and soul, so try to motivate yourself and get out! You can also go for a walk alone or at a distance, just like riding a bike or jogging. It is best to find out in advance what is currently allowed in your state/district.

24.) Rollerblading

Who else has rollerblades in their basement? And when was the last time you used them? Walking and sports outside are still allowed, so rollerblades on and off you go!

25.) Prepare for a marathon

You always wanted to run a half marathon or marathon? Well, now is probably the perfect time to prepare and track the process. I’m using the Nike Run Club app to track any developments.

26.) Work out

Exercise does you good and helps your well-being. Fit in Freeletics, 30 days Yoga Challenge and co. There is now anything to find online. Many gyms, fitness coaches or yoga teachers are even currently offering free workouts.


27.) Learn more about veganism

What does it actually mean to be vegan and can I integrate it step by step into your every day life? You can start by reading books like:

28.) Get informed about Fair Fashion

– and how we can change the world with it. You can find a list of sustainable brands on my blog on this page.

29.) Make the kitchen more sustainable

In everyday life you can do many first steps to do good for the environment. Take a cotton bag when grocery shopping instead of a plastic bag, use a reusable coffee mug, sew beeswax tissues instead of cling film or sew kitchen towels from old towels.

30.) Change to a green power provider

Switching to green electricity takes a second and you are doing something good for the environment every day. By switching from grey electricity to green electricity alone, you can reduce your eco-emissions up to 90%. According to Brigitte Be Green from approx. 810 kg CO2 emission to 81 kg CO2 emission in a year.

31.) Switch to a more sustainable bathroom

Even in the bathroom there are so many ways to do without harmful ingredients and plastic. For example, changing to a wooden toothbrush, using washable fabric pads instead of cotton wool pads or using solid shampoo. I will write you a detailed article on this topic.


37.) Planning a Start-Up

You’ve always had an idea on your mind? Then now would be a good time to become an entrepreneur and put your ideas into practice.

38.) Pension plan

How use the time to deal with a pension plan? Especially now you should realize that it is quite good to have some financial back up. But what is the best way to provide for your pension?

39.) Do your tax return

The tiresome subject of a tax return. Every year, I do it last minute. But how about doing the tax return earlier this year and handing it in before the daily grind starts again?

Build and maintain relationships

40.) Maintaining contacts

When was the last time you really took the time to call friends, old colleagues or family – without any time pressure? It’s really good to refresh your contacts and maintain relationships with others, without saying “I really need to take off”.

41.) Writing postcards

The mail is still being delivered at the moment and who is not happy about some kind words in the mailbox in such times? I recently had such a beautiful uplifting postcard from my best friend in my mailbox – and I’m still happy about it today.

42.) Writing Letters

When do you ever take the time to take a pen and paper and put your thoughts into words? This is also a challenge that we have lost way too much in the age of smartphones and screens. Yesterday I stumbled across a great initiative: Writing letters to people who have less social contacts or no family. Give them a smile and a few nice words.

43.) Have profound conversations

When was the last time you talked about topics that were not “just” a simple catch-up, that were about the latest news or that were related to your own daily routine? Our communication with each other has changed. It has become faster, people often talk without listening – or listen to answer. In doing so, we often tend to forget the value we get from listening to others. Ask your parents about their highlight of the last year, your friends about their source of inspiration or your partner which moment had a special impact on them. Many questions get lost in everyday conversation far too often.

44.) Make a virtual coffee date with friends

How about having a Facetime coffee with friends on the balcony or in the living room and taking a break together? Or go for a walk together because together you are less alone.

Travel Inspiration

45.) Create a bucketlist

You have always dreamed of a world trip, travelling to Nepal or doing a Yoga retreat? Then write it down! Dreams that have been written down are easier to follow, because they have been consciously written down and visualized. Do you need inspiration? You can find my bucket list here and a huge Pinboard of Inspiration here.

46.) Read travel books

Immerse yourself in a new world or start thinking about your next trip around the world, the best way to do this is with travel blogs or travel books. Here is a small selection:

47.) Plan a new trip

You wanted to take the long awaited trip to a certain this year? Postponed doesn’t mean canceled and travelling will come back again at some stage. Until then you can browse through lots of travel blogs or read travel magazines.

48.) Read travel blogs

For lots of travel inspiration, you can simply read travel blogs. You can find lots of travel inspiration at World of Wanderlust, Marie Fe and Jake snow or Travel for a difference.

Thailand Tiger Cave Temple Krabi

Do Good

49.) Donate the power of your laptop

Did you know that you can donate the power of your laptop or computer for research purposes?

50.) Register as a donor for blood cancer

In Germany, you can register with the DKMS, which operates worldwide. I’m sure there’s an equivalent to DKMS in your country too. Just check it our and register as soon as you read this to save lives.

51.) Donate blood

If you are healthy, you can go to the nearest hospital location and donate blood. You can find more information about Corona on the homepage.

52.) Get an organ donor card

With an organ donor card, you document your personal decision in the event of an emergency, which can be particularly helpful for relatives. Usually people do not like to deal with the subject, but anyone can order their organ donor card in 2 minutes, fill it in and put it in their wallet.

In and around the house

53.) Embellish the balcony/garden

You have your own balcony or garden? These are already the best conditions. Then now is a great time to plant or replant. It’s best to find out in advance which plants should be planted in April.

54.) Create a small herb garden

I would love to have a small herb garden with fresh herbs for cooking. But that is actually very easy. Even without a balcony or garden, you can plant a small herb bed in old egg boxes.

55.) Sweeping the street and do the weeds

The weather is just perfect for picking the weeds and sweeping the road. It’s also on my list…

56.) Baking / Cooking

Get out your cookbooks or search for recipes on the net and try something completely new! At the moment I’m getting inspired by Avantgardevegan.

57.) Do not postpone spring-cleaning any further

If the house is clean, the mind is clean. At least, that’s how I usual feel. Too many things around me and messy places get to me. When I moved out of my flat after two years I finally cleaned the windows and it felt so good. Unfortunately I couldn’t enjoy them anymore, so let’s go to your apartment, because the weather is just great for that.

58.) Start a DIY project

At Pinterest there are countless ideas for DIY’s that you can try out at home. How about upcycling the old chair, the secretary or the mirror?

59.) Redecorate a room

You’ve been bothered by the bathroom for ages, or you’ve been wanting to remodel the workspace for ages? You can find many ideas and inspiration in magazines or at Pinterest.


60.) Get a capsule wardrobe

When I worked in retail I learned that everyone in the western world can live on the clothes in their wardrobe for up to 7 years without buying anything new. Time to finally toss that shirt that you haven’t worn for years.

61.) Generally a clean up is always good

It is frightening how many “things” accumulate over time. What can go on the bulky waste? What can be donated? What can perhaps be put aside to be ready for “Christmas in a shoe box” in autumn?

62.) Clean up digitally: Newsletter

Which newsletters do you really read and which do you delete immediately? Deliberately unsubscribe from newsletters that you don’t read and create a little space and above all: time.

63.) Clean up your Instagram and Facebook

For me Instagram is still one of the greatest sources of inspiration. But that’s only because I almost follow no accounts anymore that I don’t feel good with. I only follow accounts that inspire me, visually appeal to me or entertain me.

64.) Sort out photos on your laptop or smartphone

One of the tasks that I usually put aside. But it helps to clear the mind. Put all photos and documents into folders, make a backup of all data (!) and delete the unnecessary.

65.) Simply do nothing

You don’t always need to be productive. Allow boredom. Don’t reach for your smartphone directly, but consciously tolerate boredom. When I was little, my mom used to say to me, “If you’re bored, wait till it’s over.” Most of the time you already have the next idea in your head and it’s in boredom that the most creative ideas come up. I love to see people getting creative these days – whether it’s inventing a new game, turning your home into a playground or becoming a video hero on TikTok.

Do you have some more tips on what to do at home?


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