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Bangkok in Thailand: I heard that you either love it or hate it. The opinions about this metropolis differ a lot, because it is super busy and there is so much to see. After one month in Indonesia, I made my way from Denpasar to Bangkok. I liked the city right away: there were so many people on the streets, the traffic felt much quieter to Bali, those many different smells on the street (some better, some worse), you could get street-food at every corner (and really yummy passionfruit juice), the impressive temples of the city and so on. I spent three days in Bangkok, enjoyed the city and met my new travel buddies, with whom I kept on travelling around Thailand afterwards.  

Guide to Bangkok

Arrival in Bangkok

After my little disaster when arriving in Bali, my arrival in Thailand was so much more relaxed. Once I got there, many people spoke English and it was really easy to find the bus that would take me close to my hostel. (The bus was 50 Baht, which is about 1,20 Euro). On my last day in Bali, I downloaded my offline maps for Thailand, I could set bookmarks, could get off the bus close to my hostel and find my way around. Tip: I feel much safer once I know my way around. So, do it like me and download the new maps when you have wifi and take a power bank with you.  

Accommodation in Bangkok

After reading the blogpost of Luise of Kleinstadtcarrie (only in German) I booked myself into the NapPark Hostel. The hostel is super central, only two streets afar from Khao San Road. The hostel was great, it was clean, you could get to know new people really fast, there was a little balcony on the upper floor and at the reception area, there is a huge mattress on the floor on which you can relax or nap. Unfortunately, the hostel didn’t offer breakfast, but you can always find a good alternative on the streets around. I met amazing people at the hostel, with whom I talked through the whole night or with whom I kept on travelling around Thailand afterwards for two more weeks.

Rate per night: from 10 Euro for a bed in a 22 bed dorm. 

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Where to eat

Bangkok is famous for its street-food – and you should try it too. I bought a passionfruit juice almost every morning for not even a dollar, there are many 7/11 supermarkets around and you could get fresh fruit along the streets.

Pad Thai is one of the most famous dishes in Thailand, made of rice noodles with Tofu/chicken and vegetables. In four weeks Thailand I for sure ate Pad Thai almost half of the time. We found the best Pad Thai at a street food stand in Haad Rin close to the beach in Koh Phangan.

  • On the first day, I went to the Greenhouse for lunch. The Pad Thai was really yummy, also the fresh juice.

  • One morning, we went to the vegan Ethos Cafe for breakfast. The pancakes, the porridge and the coffee were really good. To find good coffee in Thailand can sometimes be a little of a mission. We had our food while sitting on pillows on the floor and it was really comfy.

  • Two days, we went out for dinner at the busy, but nice restaurant Madame Musur, which is just around the corner of the hostel. Along the way to the restaurant, you can stroll through the many street stands. The food is really good!
  • Before we went to one of the skybars, we had dinner at Thealicious. We had funny conversations with the owner, had cheap Gin Tonics and got many tips and ideas for Bangkok.



“The Unicorn Café” is one of the funniest places I have ever been to. You can eat rainbow waffles, drink very sweet lemonade or enjoy the company of fluffy unicorns in blue and pink. The café is a big hype on Instagram, but I didn’t think it was that special. It is still a funny idea and a cool place to go to, if you want to check it out or dress up as a unicorn yourself.


One of the most famous buildings in Bangkok and definitely a Must do, wehen in Bangkok. Built in 1782, the huge palace used to be a royal residence for the kind. At the palace you can see architecture rich in detail, colorful design and get to know the Thai culture. I enjoyed my time at the palace a lot, but you should get there fairly early to enjoy the palace to the fullest and to explore. It was really busy when I was there. But if you ignore all the tourists, you can find beautiful spots around the palace.

To think about: there is a strict dress code at the palace and you should stick to it out of respect towards the Thai culture. You should have your shoulders and knees covered, don’t dress too inappropriate – even though it might be a hot day.

Entrance fee: 500 Baht, that’s around 13 Euro.

Bangkok Thailand


The royal palace Wat Pho is one of the oldest and biggest temples of Bangkok. The temple of the lying golden buddha, which is about 46 metres long, is situated in the old town of Bangkok and a visit is definitely worth it.

Eitrance fee: 100 Baht, around 2,50 Euro.

wat pho bangkok thailand


One of my fave activities in a new city: checking out all the panorama points. The “Lebua Skybar” is famous because of  the movie Hangover II and is popular for many tourists. The view is amazing, but be prepared: the dress-code is elegant, drinks are quite pricy.

We still went and enjoyed the view, but I am sure that there are many more rooftop-bars in Bangkok, which will be way cheaper but have a likewise view of the city. Tip: I’m sure watching the sunset from a rooftop bar is stunning. 

bangkok thailand

Bangkok thailand

Fighting that jet lag: my best travel buds from the US Neel and Chris


The Khao San road is famous for being the centre for all backpackers. At the long street you can find many street stalls, street musicians, street-food and bars, where you can dance the night away. Almost at every stand, you can find the famous Elephant pants, which are big, comfy pants and perfect for trips to mosquito rich places or for a long bus trip.

But so you know: at Khan San rd you pay a lot more than elsewhere. Same goes for restaurants and bars. We went to one of the restaurants at one night and it was quite expensive for Thailand and the food was nothing special either.

khao san road bangkok

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