TRAVEL | Colourful Cholula in MEXICO



It’s time for first reports from MEXICO. Mexico was simply amazing. It was one of the best vacations I have ever made and we saw so many wonderful and beautiful places. Sometimes it was a big adventure, but still we had an amazing and unforgettable time.

Our travels began in Cholula, a little town close to Puebla, in the south-west of Mexico City, where my friend does her exchange term. With the airport bus, the two hours ride to Puebla was easy and comfortable. From there, we got picked up. Cholula is full of colours and famous for its volcano and the biggest pyramid in Mexico which is underneath the church on top of the mountain. Here, we enjoyed the first sunshine – I didn’t know before how much I had missed the sun in grey Sweden, but when the sunshine tickled my whole skin – I knew.

Cholula is a wonderful town, where you feel safe and where you can find the most beautiful and greenest restaurant with the best pizza of the city: in ‚La Berenjena‘ – it’s also vegetarian and vegan!

Have you been to Cholula before? How did you like it?







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